Neogen helped scientists annotating the genome of a fungal pathogen causing leaf spot to Sesamum indicum. The article was published in 3-Biotech in January 2023.

Genome sequencing and annotation of Cercospora sesami, a fungal pathogen causing leaf spot to Sesamum indicum

Shagun Sinha · Sudhir Navathe · Sakshi Singh · Deepak K. Gupta · Ravindra Nath Kharwar ·Ramesh Chand1


Cercospora sesami is a plant pathogen that causes leaf spot disease in sesame plants worldwide. In this study, genome sequence assembly of C. sesami isolate Cers 52–10 (MCC 9069) was generated using native paired-end and mate-pair DNA sequencing based on the Illumina HiSeq 2500 platform. The genome assembly of C. sesami is 34.3 Mb in size with an N50 of 26,222 bp and an average GC content of 53.02%. A total number of 10,872 genes were predicted in this study, out of which 9,712 genes were functionally annotated. Genes assigned to carbohydrate-active enzyme classes were also identified during the study. A total of 80 putative effector candidates were predicted and functionally annotated. The C. sesami genome sequence is available at DDBJ/ENA/GenBank, and other associated information is submitted to Mendeley's data.