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Contract Research

Neogen Informatics offers comprehensive Bioinformatics services to the Biotechnology research organizations in India and abroad. Most of the biotechnology research organizations are often depend on other organizations or companies for the analysis of the bioinformatics analysis of their biological data. As a further development of genomics, transcriptomics, and associated laboratory services a number of bioinformatics software applications were developed for gene and genome sequencing applications, genetic and genomic data analysis, next-generation sequencing data analysis, gene findings and annotations, and the representation of analyzed data etc.

 These methods require high-performance computation systems and skilled personnel in this field. Neogen Informatics would like to have an opportunity to collaborate with such organizations for the bioinformatics part of their genomics projects. Our Research and Development team has always been ready to help in drafting the projects and providing services throughout the project. We also provide training to researchers associated with the projects for skill development in bioinformatics.