Biological Databases, Genome Browsers, LIMS

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Biological Databases, Genome Browsers, LIMS

Research needs a lot of efforts, time, and dedication. Successful research projects need to be exposed to the scientific community whether in the form of Biological Databases, Webservers or Genome Browsers etc. Neogen team is there to help you. 

Let your research be recognized by the scientific community. We help transforming your research findings and data into the biological databases which can be used by others for their research. We develop databases from the robust back end to a comprehensive front end and deploy it either to use locally in your organization or group or globally through a Web-Interface. Whether you want to make it just as an information page or implement a sophisticated search engine to fetch the data out of the database, we support you from planning to the implementation. Our excellent team of programmers help you shaping your results into a comprehensive knowledge base. We also provide support and maintenance with our flexible Annual Maintenance Contract plans.

We are also specialized in setting up a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). A Laboratory Information Management System is a platform that allows your laboratory to manage samples and associated data effectively. It helps in improving the lab efficiency and accuracy by reducing manual operations, automating workflows and also managing sample associated information. You can use LIMS for your group, organization or with external collaboration partners. 

There are plenty of LIMS commercial solutions available which might not fit in your specific needs. We can design a completely new workflow which fits to your needs. Please get in touch with us for more details.